Bathmate Accessories


Enhance Your Bathmate Experience

The manufacturers of Bathmate have also released some useful accessories that can be used with the device to enhance your experience.

  bathmate-cleaning-kitBathmate Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to keep your Bathmate in optimum     working condition, contains cleaning sponges, cloth and cleaning  fluid.

   Usual Price £ 39.95

  Online Price   £ 29.99 


shower_strap_1Shower Strap


Secures and supports the Bathmate while standing in the shower

Usual Price  £ 39.95

Online Price £19.99 


bathmate-hard-shell-storage-300x300    Hard Shell Case

Stores and Protects your device – useful for travelling

     Usual Price £ 39.99

     Online Price   £25.00


db_file_img_89_230x293Pleasure Lube

100ml can contains skin safe ingredients that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft

Usual Price £ 17.50

Online Price £ 10.00



goliath-comfort-ringsAdditional Comfort Rings

Increased comfort = More time spent wearing the device = better, faster gains, these cushioned support rings fit the X30 and x40 devices – for those who demand the ultimate in comfort.

Usual Price £ 15.00

Online Price £ 10.00

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