Bathmate Accessories

Bathmate Accessories

The manufacturers of Bathmate have also released some useful accessories that can be used with the device to enhance your experience.

Most of these are supplied along with the top of the range HydroXtreme pump, but you can buy these and the other accessories in the range direct from the official website (Click here)

  Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to keep your Bathmate in optimum  working condition, contains cleaning sponges, cloth, towel and cleaning  fluid.

  Online Price   £ 29.99 

Shower Strap


Secures and supports your Bathmate device while standing in the shower

Online Price £19.95 

    Hard Shell Case

bathmate capsule case

Stores and Protects your device – useful for travelling

     Online Price   £29.99

Pleasure Lube

118ml jar contains skin safe ingredients that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft

Online Price £ 9.95

Additional Comfort Rings

Increased comfort = More time spent wearing the device = better, faster gains, these cushioned support rings fit the Bathmate range of devices – for those who demand the ultimate in comfort.

Online Price £ 9.95

Discover More About These and ALL the Bathmate accessories in the range:

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