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Bathmate Hydromax Reviewed

bathmate hydromax

The Bathmate Hydromax range is the best selling models in the Bathmate range, the people behind Bathmate have taken their best selling Hydro7  pump and have given it a few tweaks to make what they now call “ The ultimate in hydro-technology for penile development and health”

The Differences Between Hydro7 And Hydromax

The Bathmate Hydro7 was one of the first and without doubt one of the best hydro-pumps, used for improving erection quality and increased penis length, but it did have its faults, the makers have redesigned the Hydro7 to offer users a far improved experience.

By improving the rubber bellows pump the Hydromax delivers 35% more suction force than the Hydro7.

The makers have also improved on the comfort, with the addition of a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring that reduces pressure on the penis base and testicle region. This is also now removable for easier cleaning.

A new swivel bellows feature has now made it possible to rotate the device while being used, helping users to change the angle while in the bath or shower, it is now also a single handed operation with a new super flow latch system that makes filling and fitting the device a far easier operation that before.

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Both the Hydro7and Hydromax range are truly effective at generating virtually instant erections that are harder and visibly longer than those gained naturally, this makes them both the perfect device for any man who is experiencing difficulties in getting or keeping an erection.

With daily use of around 15 minutes a day, they can also help generate internal cellular duplication which will gradually increase the overall length and girth of the penis

Does Hydromax Fit All Sizes Of Penis?

The Hydro7 will accept penises that measure up to 7″ when erect.

The Hydromax range is made up of 5 models:

The Hydromax3 that suits penises up to 3″,

The Hydromax5 suits men with penises up to 5″,

Hydromax7 and Hydromax7 Wide Boy fits men up to 7″ when erect, the Wideboy model suitable for those with thicker penises up to 6.5″ girth.

The largest model is the Hydromax9 That is suitable for those with penises up to 9″

bathmate hydromax range

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Our Thoughts

The makers of Bathmate have obviously listened to users feedback over the past few years, their redesigned Hydromax X30 model does have some significant improvements on the ever popular Hydro7 which should enable users to get even better gains in both length, girth and erection quality than before.

There have been comments about the fact that the new single handed super flow latch is a bit difficult to use at first, but overall the Hydromax certainly delivers on its promises.

Where To Buy Bathmate Hydromax 

The Hydromax range is available direct from the official website, orders are shipped in discreet, plain packaging to addresses worldwide ( usually at little or no extra cost) and all orders are protected by Bathmate’s 60 day cash back guarantee.

The Hydromax costs from £70.00 up to £129.00 depending on the mode; you choose.

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