Choosing A Bathmate

Choosing A Bathmate Vacuum Device

What Bathmate Is Right For Me

Bathmate are the worlds leader in penis vacuum devices, their range covers all price points and virtually anybody will find a device that will suit them and their budget.

So How Do I Choose A Bathmate Device

  • Price – Obviously the first thing that many of us think about is price – Bathmate have models that should suit all budgets – with prices starting at £69.00, you can be sure that you can find a model that will suit your pocket.
  • Size – This is where you will need to compare models, the range of Bathmate devices will accommodate varying sizes of erect penis, and you should choose one that will accept your erect size comfortably – do not forget that you are intending to increase your penis size, so allow for growth when choosing:

Bathmate Sizes:

Hydro7 – the original device, will accept penises up to just over 7″ when erect

Hydromax Range – OUR FAVOURITE.…This new improved second generation Bathmate device offers improved comfort and increased working pressure – 5 models in the range suit penises ranging from 3″ up to 9″

HydroXtreme Range – Top of the range penis pump supplied with a full range of accessories and a useful handball pump for maximum pressure control. 5 Models in the range suit penises from under 5″ to upwards of 9″

At A Glance Guide

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Bathmate Hydro7 suits penises up to 7″ and sells for £69.00

hydromax range

HydroXtreme range of pumpsClick Here To Go To Official Bathmate Website