Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump

 Bathmate Hercules  

The Original And Still One Of The Best

bathmate-hercules-6Launched just over 5 years ago on an un-expecting public and now having helped over 200,000 men achieve better erections and permanent penis growth, the success of Bathmate Hercules can be put down to the fact that it does provide genuine results at sensible costs.

The Benefits Of Bathmate Hercules Include

  • Can Increase Length By Up To 2”
  • Boosts Girth By 40%
  • Produces Instant Erections That Are Visibly Larger
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Reduces Curvature
  • 250% More Efficient Than Air Based Pumps – And Safer Too
  • 95% Success Rate
By instantly helping men with erection difficulties, Bathmate Hercules can help improve your sexual confidence and performance, It can also help correct cases of curvature and with regular daily use, can and will generate permanent increases in both length and girth.

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How Does The Bathmate Hercules Work

The Hercules is designed to be used in the bath or shower, the device uses warm water to help maximise the effects of the vacuum and also helps to protect and support the penis during the operation. Unlike air based pumps that have been known in some cases to cause tissue damage and distortions when over pressurised; the Bathmate Hercules is 100% safe and effective.

Under the effects of the vacuum the pressure draws blood into the penis, this causes the spongy tissues to swell to generate a powerful and visibly larger erection.

If the penis is kept under this pressure for around 15 minutes per day, the pressure caused by the blood flow gradually causes a reaction called cellular duplication.

Working exactly under the same theory as medical traction ( which doctorshqdefault worldwide use to lengthen or straighten injured or stunted limbs) the internal cells gradually divide and duplicate to generate new tissue cells. This increased tissue gradually adds mass to the penis, resulting in increased length and girth.

The pressure also help to break down any hardened areas (or plaques) that cause penile curvature ( peyronies disease).

the device is comfortable to use – unlike many mechanical traction devices that can cause discomfort with extended use.

Our Thoughts

Bathmate Hercules has a well earned reputation for delivering proven results – if used just when required, it can help men achieve powerful erections that are stronger and visibly longer. This makes it a perfect accessory for any man who suffers from erection difficulties.

For those who are seeking permanent penis growth, the device is easy to use and comfortable to wear for just 15 minutes a day.

We can totally recommend Bathmate Hercules for its Safety, Ease of Use and Results


Where To Buy Bathmate Hercules

Hercules is available from a number of online resellers but to ensure that you are getting a genuine Bathmate Hercules and to benefit from their official 90 day cash back guarantee,( some resellers offer less) we do recommend that you buy direct from the manufacturers official website.

They ship orders worldwide, usually with no additional shipping costs and all orders are shipped in discreet plain packaging for your total peace of mind and confidentiality.

Available in a choice of colours, a full range of accessories are also available to enhance your experience.

Bathmate Hercules costs just £64.95 – making it one of the most affordable penis vacuum devices of its type.

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