Bathmate FAQ

FAQ About Bathmate

  • Who Can Use Bathmate?

Anybody can use Bathmate – If however you have recently had pelvic surgery, or suffering from any skin trauma or infection, its best to delay use until healing is complete

  • What Guarantees Are Offered

Buyers get 60 days cash back guarantee plus a 12 month warranty on the device



  • Is Bathmate Only For Use in The Bath

The device is designed for use in both the bath or shower, it can actually be used anywhere but requires water inside the device to provide maximum effectiveness and safety

  • Is Bathmate Washable

Bathmate is washable up to 80 degrees C

  • Is Packaging Discreet

All orders are are sent out in plain packaging and the device itself is double boxed with an outer box made from plain brown cardboard concealing the main packaging – this ensures complete privacy.

  • Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects

Bathmate is 100% safe and has no side effects

  • How Often Can I Use Bathmate

Use as often as you wish, for maximum enlargement results and increased penile health, experts recommend using for between 15 and 20 minutes per day.

  • Is Bathmate Better Than Pills

Despite some dubious claims by some manufacturers, currently there is no pill that can generate permanent penis growth.

Can Bathmate Improve Erections

Yes, one of its main uses is to increase the amount of blood that flows into and can be held within the penis – this means visibly larger, usually longer lasting erections can be generated within just a few minutes

  • Are Results Permanent

Initially at first any gains will usually revert back to normal as the increased erection subsides, but with regular use over 6 weeks and beyond, the gains will gradually become permanent. –

‘Compare this to going to the gym. After a good workout you will look ‘pumped’ and more muscular. At first this will reduce after a couple of hours, but in time and with regular training, the muscles will grow permanently.’
  • Is This Treatment Medically Recognised ?

Yes, doctors worldwide use similar methods of traction to lengthen or straighten injured or stunted limbs.

Choosing Your Device

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