Bathmate Penis Pump Review UK

What Is Bathmate

Bathmate – The Worlds #1 Penis Vacuum Pump

bathmate-hercules-6Bathmate were one of the first manufacturers to develop a device that used both water and air to help men suffering with erection problems, curvature and those seeking permanent increases in penis length and girth.

Their range of devices have set the benchmark for modern day penis development and health

The Bathmate is a traction device with a difference, it uses a vacuum to place the penis under traction.

Unlike other air based vacuum devices that have been known to cause damage to the penis, the Bathmate utilises the power of water to both support and protect the penis during the process.

Bathmate Official Website

Is Bathmate Easy To Use?

The device is simple to use, designed to be used in the bath or shower, simply fill the device with warm water, the device is then placed over the penis, there is a unique rubber seal that meets the groin and helps to form a comfortable and effective seal.

The device is pumped by moving the body of the device up and down, this expels the air and any excess water.

This operation will form a vacuum inside the device; continue pumping until maximum comfortable pressure is reached. The penis will become erect as wearing-the-bathmateblood is drawn into the internal chambers of the penis. The powerful (yet painless) vacuum will encourage more blood to flow into the penis than usual and this effectively ‘stretches’ the internal chambers, leaving a longer and thicker penis.

The device is easy to remove when the desired effect is reached; a valve on the top instantly releases the vacuum. The resulting erection will be visibly longer and harder.

How Long Will The Increase In Growth Last?

Initially the increase in growth will gradually revert back to normal as the erection disperses, this can be compared to how your muscles look after a trip to the gym, initially that ‘pumped’ look will disperse, but with time and repeated exercise the effects become more permanent.

How Large Could I Get With Bathmate?

From the first use, the resulting erections are visibly longer, thicker and longer lasting, with regular daily use of between 15 and 20 minutes a day a permanent increase in length of between 2 and 3 inches along with around a 1” increase in girth can easily be achieved.


Is Bathmate Guaranteed?

The makers are so confident of the device  that they offer a full 60 day guarantee on all purchases. Their policy is simple, if you buy and use the Bathmate as directed, and you fail to see any increase in growth after 60 days, you can simply return the device for a full refund.

Where Can I Buy Bathmate In The UK?

The device is sold in some selected adult stores, but to be sure of getting a genuine Bathmate Device it is best to buy direct from the manufacturers official website.

Orders placed via the official website are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.Prices start at £69.00 which is far cheaper than most other enlargement devices on the market. – Click Here To Order Your Bathmate Today